Timothy and Miriam Harris

Loving Your Muslim Neighbor

Stories of God using an unlikely couple to share the gospel with Muslim people ... and how He might use you to do the same.

Loving Your Muslim Neighbor: Stories of God Using an Unlikely Couple to Love Muslim People ... Stories of God using an unlikely couple to love Muslim people ... And how he might use you to do the same.
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This is an extremely powerful story of a man with a big heart, my great mentor and brother, Timothy. Tim and Miriam have been instrumental in my spiritual journey, and I admire how they connect and build bridges between Christians and Muslims. This book is the story of love. As a former Muslim, I learned the biblical emphasis on love from Tim, Miriam, and other Christians, and this helped me change from Islam to following Jesus. Jesus our Lord put Tim and Miriam on my path to feel and understand our God in different ways than I could have imagined. I highly recommend this book, particularly to Muslim people wherever they may be. Our Muslim friends should read it without any bias, just to see how these lovely stories happened in peoples’ lives. I am one of those people.


The BMB (Believer from a Muslim Background) from the Middle East who is the primary character in chapter 50 of this book

Accessible, easy to read, relatable, personal, gripping, humorous, honest, authentic, informative, and down-to-earth (no evangelical hype here!). I am pleased to recommend Loving Your Muslim Neighbor.


Author of Fresh Vision for the Muslim World, Finding Hagar, and God is One

Loving Your Muslim Neighbor is a must-read for everyone who loves and serves the Author of the parable we all know and love—The Good Samaritan. To reach the Islamic world with the gospel seems to be a daunting, impossible task filled with profound risks. To engage the unfamiliar ‘neighbor’ is intimidating and uncomfortable, particularly when the unfamiliar is beset with a reputation of resistance and terrorism. Through their stories of simple obedience to love their neighbor, Timothy and Miriam make the unfamiliar familiar. Their stories are permeated with proof of God’s faithfulness and provision as they have taken, and still take, risks to love their neighbors. Their stories reveal how not-so-daunting the task really is when we allow Christlike love to bridge the relational gap to some of the most unreached peoples of the world.


Missionary to North Africa, former wife of a martyr, and author of We Died Before We Came Here: A True Story of Sacrifice and Hope


Muslim people are coming to North America—to big cities and even to smaller towns. They come as immigrants to find a better life. They come as international students for a better education. And they come as refugees attempting to escape life-threatening danger in their home countries.

The question is, how are we going to respond to this large influx of Muslim people who have now become our neighbors?

Will we be like Jonah when it comes to our Muslim neighbors? Will we run, hide, and hate as he did? Or will we be like Jesus? Will we be like the One who came to seek and to save that which is lost?

If you want to move from being the least bit angry or afraid of Muslim people to being compassionate, confident, and courageous witnesses to them, allow Timothy and Miriam to help you grow in loving your Muslim neighbor.

Their stories—from the Midwest to the Middle East—will inspire you. Their teachings—from thirteen years of Muslim ministry experience—will equip you to share the gospel with Muslim people.

Timothy and Miriam Harris (pseudonyms) served in pastoral roles in churches for over 25 years. In 2006, God put Muslim people deeply on their hearts. Their ministry shifted to sharing the gospel with Muslim people in their area and also to travel to the Middle East to help refugees.

Timothy and Miriam speak in churches everywhere to educate, equip, and energize Christians to gain God’s heart for Muslim people and reach out to them with the love of Jesus—where they live or overseas among unreached Muslim people groups.



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Timothy and Brandon discuss what the Muslim culture looks like in North America and what we as Christians should be doing to meet them where they are.
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